Cycom launches

Cycom has launched its first hosting brand in Africa, in a groundbreaking partnership with Oriental Imports (Tanzania) Limited. TanzaniaHosting will be offering domain name registration, web hosting, email hosting and cloud servers in Tanzania. Target market is primarily local small businesses in Tanzania, as well as investors from the Tanzanian diaspora for their projects back home. will accept payments locally by bank transfer, or by Paypal for international clients.

Web hosting packages start at TZS 65,000/year only which is extremely competitive in the Tanzanian market. We hope to establish TanzaniaHosting as one of the first tier web hosting providers in the country within a 2 year period. This will achieved through the reliability and uptime of service provided, aggressive local and online marketing and also the building of a network of local partners and resellers in the IT community in Dar es Salaam.

For more details please check ; to receive timely updates on news about the new company, please follow TanzaniaHosting facebook page.
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